Friday, 14 November 2008

September, October and a little bit of Novemeber for good measure.


Started back at uni in September
< --zoe in our new base room

Started the new year off with our first themed party. A pirate party to celebrate 'International talk like a Pirate day' with some bad results for Jenny.

Some test shots from my first project. Based on typology photography, mines are protraits of what people have in their pockets.

These were taken with medium format

Myself and Claire making the most of Urban Outfitters free drink on student night.

Went to Dublin for an exhibtion and ended up in the middle of a student protest in O'Connell Street. I'm skint too so I feel their pain! Only had a 35mm film camera with me that day so the pictures arent the best quailty.

 Shauna Donaghy, Open Mic , Laverys

Wacthing Obama win

More project work at Zoes house

Taken with 35mm film

Just a quiet night in with some clown entertainment thanks to loguey!

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